Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Morning Ode to that Sanguine Thirst

A sordid lust affair last night has chilled,
Prolonged my morning, yet the glory lacked.
Exorbitant indulgences are billed
By eyes locked like dark blinds I mildly cracked.

Deep in nostalgia’s lapse, a wont to call
Her sanguine taste rose up again.
Yet, curt its interruption by the crawl
Up---my throat now clumped as wetted sand.

The rosy warmth, the cheeks I grasped last night
Is lost. How aptly I was crowned the fool!
A face once mirth-filled ‘surped by one to fright
And lips that mingled with her nectar drool.

Again I'll dine with she, so noxious for
My health. Yet, supple is the song she pours.

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